For. The. Love.

I left off with doing the baseline for a new transfer cycle. The nurse even gave me the thumbs up to immediately begin with 2 estrogen tablets vaginally and 1 orally to hopefully plump my lining up quickly and avoid me having to go to DFW for extra monitoring appointments.

So that didn’t work. My lining still lagged behind and I still had to go for an extra appointment. I once again asked if they were sure they didn’t just want me to take delestrogen intramuscularly since I had never had an issue with lining all the times I had been on it. A firm no once again. 🙄 A week later I came back and my lining was good. I also met the doctor who would be doing my transfer since my primary RE is off on Wednesdays. I really liked her immediately and was super glad she would be the person to do our final transfer.

The following week, Kap and I set our alarms to hit the road at 4a to get to the clinic in plenty of time for the transfer since we knew some inclement weather was headed our way. And then the weather hit. We attempted to leave town driving about 15 mph and still sliding. There were accidents everywhere. When we got to Slaton and road conditions had not improved, we called it. We had to cancel the transfer. This was the first time I’ve ever had to cancel a fertility treatment and it was heart wrenching. We had been so close to being done with interventions forever and then here we are again. Luckily I was able to reach out to the clinic in plenty of time for them not to thaw our embryo. They let me know an IVF coordinator would be in touch and so I waited…

And waited…

And waited…

And kept calling. But during all this, DFW experienced record snow and ice storms. Nearly the entire state of Texas lost power and water. When a nurse finally called me back, I was relieved to hear that since they’d experienced the harsh weather conditions as well, I would not be charged any additional fees to begin a new transfer cycle. They did ask that I skip a cycle then go into it to make sure all the meds from the previous cycle were out of my system.

And so that’s where we are at now. Just hanging out until my next period to start our last treatment… again. 🙄

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