What Next??

​Ended up having a hysteroscopy instead of an SHG. That’s the whole camera through the cervix while being pumped full of saline and watching the whole thing on a big screen next to my head. Fun. Actually, it wasn’t bad. They added xanex to my pill lineup and increased my dosage of my pain medication for the procedure as this was my third one and the last one was really unpleasant towards the end. My mom was my designated driver for the day and we spent the morning getting snacks and whatnot so after the appointment I could just relax at home and eat good food. Smart strategy, if I do say so myself. 

So once the procedure was underway, the hysteroscopy immediately showed what looked like polyps and lots of fluffy endometrium. My doctor let me know the biopsy would determine if I indeed did have polyps which he assumed were caused by estrogen as I’ve previously had poor reactions to estrogen. The first time I was on estrogen based birth control I had a cyst then really bad headaches and vomiting. Now this. After the appointment I went home, enjoyed my snacks and headed to bed. 

5 days later, yesterday, I got the result of the biopsy and I do indeed have polyps. My doctor wants to remove them via a surgical D&C. D&C stands for dilation and curettage. Most people who are familiar with the procedure know it as it is most commonly used after a first trimester miscarriage or abortion. It’s essentially a scraping and scooping out of the uterus. When I saw in the patient portal that my doctor felt this was the best course of action, I was assuming it would be a month or two out. Nope. When I got a call from the patient coordinator, she let me know that the ideal time was on the 20th of this month. I set up the appointment and got off the phone. 

Then I got really, really angry. Not at the coordinator, (she’s super nice), but at the fact that every time we get one thing dealt with, there’s some other bullshit right behind it. Remember? Our infertility started as a simple sperm morphology/motility issue so we gave the sperm more targets by having me take Clomid and doing IUIs to eliminate the defective sperm. Then came my slight uterine septum which we removed just to be safe. Then my AMH of .2 so we used high dosages of follicle stimulating hormones throughout IVF. Then we had embryos that seemed to fail at a statistically higher rate than normal so I requested the ERA along with additional tests my doctor ordered. And now. Now we have another fucking roadblock. Well of course my uterus reacts negatively to estrogen growing polyps that then need to be removed via outpatient surgery. Argh.  

Here’s the deal. I get that some people have it way worse than me.  I haven’t had a miscarriage. I haven’t had to terminate a non-viable pregnancy. I haven’t had to cease treatment due to financial concerns. I haven’t been treated poorly by friends or family for seeking fertility treatments. All that being said, we’ve spent a ton of time, money and wear and tear on my body and after 26 months of this, still have nothing to show for it. This sucks. 

Yep. So that’s where we’re at. Tomorrow I go in for my pre-op and hopefully this will be just what’s needed. That still has every future step getting pushed back 4 weeks minimally. That means the earliest we’d attempt another transfer is May. Lovely. I know it’s best we deal with these issues now but it’s hard to keep that top of mind when really I just want to be on a clear course of action with no more interruptions. Here’s hoping this works. 

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