Just Waiting

So the first embryo transfer was a flop. Neither embryo took. And even with me getting nightly intramuscular progesterone shots, my period still came before receiving the negative pregnancy test. It sucked but having the breakthrough bleeding allowed for a gradual transition into realizing the fresh transfer wasn’t effective. That and the fact I took cheapy tests daily after the transfer meant that the day I went in for my beta, there were 0 surprises. It was still awkward since everyone kept saying fingers crossed/wishing/praying/etc. After all, I KNEW it didn’t work.
After we got the definitive results of the beta I made a game plan for the next transfer. For now, we’re keeping the remaining 4 embryos on ice while we take a break from all things conception. We’re not trying to conceive at all for a few months. This is somewhat because of my work schedule, somewhat because I want to lose weight and somewhat because I feel like we just BADLY need a break. I’m back to working out and eating healthier and it feels awesome. So far I’ve lost almost 30 pounds and am feeling more like myself.
So I know this is the shortest update ever but I felt like I needed to get everyone up to speed since we’ve been talking a little break. That way we don’t jump from PUPO to another transfer with no explanation. So for now making this rickety body a temple. 🙂

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